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various odds and ends. all code in this repository is licensed under the AGPLv3 unless otherwise noted. see legal directory for the binding text of referenced licenses.

  • ord.c: no-bullshit command-line base converter
  • nkvd.c: an LD_PRELOAD library to force counterrevolutionary programs to obey the XDG spec (currently only with respect to config dirs)
  • tenki: a versatile, lightweight Dark Sky client designed for use with polybar
  • sexpc.scm: a scheme tool that enables AST-rewriting macros in C code
  • safekill.c: utility to help keep from accidentally killing important windows; compile with cc -Ofast safekill.c -lX11 -lc -osafekill
  • newtab.c: a "open a new tab if there's already an instance running or launch a new instance otherwise" utility for qutebrowser
  • fabulist.scm: a work-in-progress communal fiction server
  • bgrd.c: it’s… a long story. just read the header.
  • mkpw.c an extremely fast mass random password generator
  • kpw: an extremely simple, lightweight, secure password manager for POSIX OSes written in C. depends on libsodium for crypto primitives. compile with make kpw.
  • rosshil.ml: tool to convert between the various calendars of the Spirals setting
  • parvan.lua: a script for creating and querying dictionaries, intended as a conlanging tool. no dependencies, just run it with lua