visnov  Help: test-ci-mini

The "test-ci-mini" command:

Usage: fossil test-ci-mini ?OPTIONS? FILENAME

where FILENAME is a repo-relative name as it would appear in the vfile table.


-R|--repository REPO
The repository file to commit to.
The repository-side name of the input file, relative to the top of the repository. Default is the same as the input file name.
-m|--comment COMMENT
Required checkin comment.
-M|--comment-file FILE
Reads checkin comment from the given file.
-r|--revision VERSION
Commit from this version. Default is the checkout version (if available) or trunk (if used without a checkout).
Allows the commit to be made against a non-leaf parent. Note that no autosync is performed beforehand.
Allows checkin of a file even if it appears to contain a fossil merge conflict marker.
--user-override USER
USER to use instead of the current default.
--date-override DATETIME
DATE to use instead of 'now'.
Allow a commit to be older than its ancestor.
Convert EOL style of the checkin to match the previous version's content.
Convert the EOL style to Unix.
Convert the EOL style to Windows.
(only one of the --convert-eol-X options may be used and they only
modified the saved blob, not the input file.)
Prefer to generate a delta manifest, if able. The forbid-delta-manifests repo config option trumps this, as do certain heuristics.
Allow addition of a new file this way. Disabled by default to avoid that case- sensitivity errors inadvertently lead to adding a new file where an update is intended.
Dumps the generated manifest to stdout immediately after it's generated.
--save-manifest FILE
Saves the generated manifest to a file after successfully processing it.
Disables the default dry-run mode.


fossil test-ci-mini -R REPO -m ... -r foo --as src/myfile.c myfile.c