visnov  Help: rss

The "rss" command:

Usage: fossil rss ?OPTIONS?

The CLI variant of the /timeline.rss page, this produces an RSS feed of the timeline to stdout. Options:

-type|y FLAG
May be: all (default), ci (show check-ins only), t (show tickets only), w (show wiki only).

-limit|n LIMIT
The maximum number of items to show.

-tkt HASH
Filter for only those events for the specified ticket.

-tag TAG
Filter for a tag

-wiki NAME
Filter on a specific wiki page.

Only one of -tkt, -tag, or -wiki may be used.

Filter for a specific file. This may be combined with one of the other filters (useful for looking at a specific branch).

Set the RSS feed's root URL to the given string. The default is "URL-PLACEHOLDER" (without quotes).