visnov  Help: deconstruct

The "deconstruct" command:

Usage fossil deconstruct ?OPTIONS? DESTINATION

This command exports all artifacts of a given repository and writes all artifacts to the file system. The DESTINATION directory will be populated with subdirectories AA and files AA/BBBBBBBBB.., where AABBBBBBBBB.. is the 40+ character artifact ID, AA the first 2 characters. If -L|--prefixlength is given, the length (default 2) of the directory prefix can be set to 0,1,..,9 characters.


-R|--repository REPO
Deconstruct given REPOSITORY.
Save the filename of the artifact with RID=1 to the file .rid1 in the DESTINATION directory.
-L|--prefixlength N
Set the length of the names of the DESTINATION subdirectories to N.
Include private artifacts.
Save the list of private artifacts to the file .private in the DESTINATION directory (implies the --private option).