visnov  Help: chat

The "chat" command:

Usage: fossil chat [SUBCOMMAND] [--remote URL] [ARGS...]

This command performs actions associated with the /chat instance on the default remote Fossil repository (the Fossil repository whose URL shows when you run the "fossil remote" command) or to the URL specified by the --remote option. If there is no default remote Fossil repository and the --remote option is omitted, then this command fails with an error.

When there is no SUBCOMMAND (when this command is simply "fossil chat") the response is to bring up a web-browser window to the chatroom on the default system web-browser. You can accomplish the same by typing the appropriate URL into the web-browser yourself. This command is merely a convenience for command-line oriented people.

The following subcommands are supported:

fossil chat send [ARGUMENTS]

This command sends a new message to the chatroom. The message to be sent is determined by arguments as follows:

-f|--file FILENAME
File to attach to the message
-m|--message TEXT
Text of the chat message
Allow the use of unencrypted http://

Additional subcommands may be added in the future.