util  optab at tip

File kpw/optab from the latest check-in

C	create		op = createdb			create a new password database
R	rekey		op = rekeydb			change database passphrase
M	merge		op = mergedb			merge in another database
!	clobber		clobber = true			disable safety checks
t	list		op = lspw				list all accounts (with passwords if -p is set)
a	add			op = addpw				add password to the database
g	gen			op = genpw				add account with a random password
d	del			op = delpw				delete password from the database
c	chg			op = chpw				change password in the database
r	regen		op = regen				generate new password for existing account
l	lower		mode = lower			generate lowercase password
m	mix			mode = mix				generate mix-case password
u	upper		mode = upper			generate uppercase password
s	stupid-mode	mode = stupid			circumvent dumb pw restrictions
k	install-key	op = keyin				install database key in session memory			_SAVEKEY
o	logout		op = logout				delete db key from session memory				_SAVEKEY
n	no-copy		copy_pw = false			print password instead of copying to clipboard	_CLIPBOARD
p	print-pw	print = true			display passwords onscreen
q	quiet		_g_alert_quiet = true	hide non-fatal reports
v	verbose		_g_debug_msgs = true	display debug reports
h	help		op = help				display help text