util  errtab at tip

File kpw/errtab from the latest check-in

ok			completed successfully				debug	0
fail		unknown error
assert		bug detected; please report this
mem			out of memory
num			not a number
user		kpw started as wrong user
option		unrecognized option passed
syntax		invalid invocation syntax
entropy		could not acquire entropy
copy		could not copy password
pipe		could not create pipe
insane		your environment is not sane
index		no such entry in database
shm			shared memory failure
shm_exist	key already in memory				notice
no_shm		no key in memory					notice
db_create	database could not be created
db_load		database could not be read
db_corrupt	database corrupt
db_empty	no records in database				notice
cancel		user canceled operation				notice
pw			invalid password
pw_match	passwords do not match
usage		usage displayed to user				debug	64
lib				unspecified library error		fatal	128
lib_sodium_init	could not initialize libsodium