sorcery  lore


sorcery adds a wide variety of new content to the game. this wiki offers some hints on what some of it is, but there are many things you'll have to figure out yourself, by experimentation, divination, or buying books from other players. also, keep in mind that this wiki only covers the default lore set — sorcery has mechanisms that allow server administrators to easily add, modify, replace, or remove parts of the lore from the worlds they operate, so don't be surprised if an unfamiliar god shows up when you log in.

items & materials

  • tools: items used for manipulating the world or crafting
  • tech: nodes and devices that add new capabilities
  • metals: new metals and their properties
  • gems: precious stones sometimes found while mining


  • alchemy: crafting oils and infusing potions
  • worship: communing with the gods
  • wands: tools used for spellcasting
  • divination: the use of magic to discover things about the world
  • transmutation: physically transforming items with spellwork
  • enchanting: binding spellwork into tools to change their properties
  • amulets: gems as an anchor for powerful magic
  • smelting: the creation of alloys from natural elements
  • kilns: molding items into shape with heat
  • milling: grinding substances down into powder or pulp
  • leylines: tapping the invisible currents of power that run through the world
  • astrology: the effects of the stars and seasons on gameplay
  • recipes: in-game instructions for the creation of items or effects
  • writing: the creating and editing of books, the creation of paper and ink