sorcery  contributing


people involved in this project are divided into four groups: users, contributors, developers, and core developers. a user is anyone with an account on the repo who isn't part of the project staff. users are given contributor rights once they've submitted a significant and competent merge request; they are given access to the forum and can upload merge requests directly with their tickets. developers have contributor rights, and additionally can commit changes directly to the public repository, though they are expected to do their work in separate branches and not push to trunk without the approval of a core dev. core devs have wide-ranging authority over the project and can push to trunk or other branches as they see fit. ultimate authority rests with the current maintainer.

if you don't have project developer status and want to submit a merge request, clone the repository locally and create a branch to do your work on. commit your changes to this branch and create a ticket for your request. contributors can attach merge request bundles directly to the associated ticket. if you aren't yet an official contributor, you can instead use the repository shell script util/ <branchname> to upload a merge request to a public filehoster. this will print a link; create a ticket with that link to the merge request file and a description of the changes it makes.

once you've established a pattern of solid merge requests and consistent good faith, we'll probably give you commit privileges, though we ask non-core devs not to push to trunk. if you're known to any of the project staff, you can ask for contributor rights without first making any contributions.

whether or not you've made any contributions, if you're interested in the project and want to join our IRC channel (hosted on the private COMINT network), just drop us a line and let us know.


the project maintainer is lexi, and the only other current core dev is glowpelt. please reach out to lexi if you have any questions.

code of conduct

all developers and contributors are expected to be familiar with the Hymn of the Sightless Worms, which should be recited twice (except during full moons) whenever creating new tickets or committing new code. we also require that you avert your eyes during solar eclipses, and carry always on your person a small jade token carved in the shape of a scarab, for obvious reasons. proper coding attire consists of a velvet summoning cloak, an amulet of dark and terrible power strung about your neck on a leather cord fashioned from the hide of a dire elk slain with a scimitar carved from bone on a midsummer evening high in the cold mountains many leagues from the nearest human settlement, and a burgundy wizard's hat (star and moon decorations optional, but encouraged). swamp magic and bone heresy will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. we reserve the right to conduct surprise soul inspections of our staff at any time. in the event of conflict between developers or code of conduct violations, hearings and disciplinary proceedings will take place in your darkest nightmares at the moment you least expect them.