sorcery  sorcery default lore

while individual worlds can can modify, augment, or replace it, sorcery comes with a default 'lorepack' (set of data interpreted by the mod mechanics). this is a minimal guide designed to get you started exploring it, and for developers to give them a sense of how the lore data is interpreted and what is done with it. the lore itself is purposely not exhaustively documented, as figuring out what you can do and writing in-game books on the topic is meant to be a core social mechanic!

getting started

the easiest way to start finding recipes for Sorcery is by petitioning gods for their favor. all gods will share various recipes with you once you've reached enough divine favor with them; just place a piece of paper on the altar and in time it will be transformed. however, each god only offers information on particular topics.

* the Harvest Goddess will teach you to cook and craft things useful for farming, as well as recipes for alchemy. she is pleased by offerings of things made from nature's bounty -- bread, pies, and so on. particularly wines.

* her husband the God of Sorcery will teach you spells and recipes for technology. he is more difficult to please and his aid more costly. he accepts offerings of rare things found in the world, particularly gemstones, and small magitech components. however, there are some secrets even he is loathe to share. for those, you must turn to…

* the God of Blood reigns over war, slaughter, and the blackest of black arts. his worship is utterly forbidden.

worship crafting

Harvest Idol

 tFt  t = Tin Fragment    G = Gold Ingot
 cGc  F = Fern            $ = Gold Slab
  $   c = Copper Fragment

Mystic Idol

 BGo  o = Obsidian Shard  G = Gold Ingot
 cSc  S = Silver Ingot    $ = Gold Slab
 o$B  c = Copper Fragment B = Bronze Ingot


 VVV  V = Votive Candle   b = Bronze Coin
 g_b  _ = Stone Slab      t = Tin Coin
  t   g = Gold Coin

of course, if you don't have an economy up and running yet, you'll need to make the coins yourself:

Coin Press

 www  w = Wooden Planks   | = Steel Bar
 |S|  S = Steel Ingot     C = Copper Ingot
 CKC  K = Stone Block


new crafting nodes: * rarifier: heats a substance until it becomes a gas, infusing that gas into another object. requires fuel for heat, input object, target object, possible uses up some kind of magical substance for each infusion * extractor: extracts precious essences from materials, reducing their shell to ash